SHIFT Driving Sneaker | Black


These sneakers represent a step-change for car enthusiasts - They're more versatile than racing shoes and better for driving than your average running shoes. SHIFT are modern sneakers for those who love to drive.


• Rounded Heel allows easier foot movement.
• Notched Upper lets the shoe bend with your foot .
• Hinged Tongue conforms as your ankle moves.

• Contoured Collar prevents pressure points on your ankles.
• Vented Toes keep you cool on the road.

• Heel-Toe Guard prevents scuffing during technical driving maneuvers.
• Premium leather construction for extended durability.
• Rubber sole provides a perfect balance of flexibility and durability for miles of wear.


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Measuring Tips

The foot length, also known as the “heel-toe” length, is the distance from the heel to the longest point of the foot. To get the most accurate foot length measurement, use the tips below.

  • Place your feet flat on the floor and distribute your weight evenly.
  • Measure while wearing socks of a similar thickness you plan to wear with your AKIN Sneakers.
  • There can be variation between the left and right foot, so measure both before selecting your size.